I recently read a book called: The way of the Shepherd. It is a story of a great CEO leading a secular American company. He is loved by his employees, business is blossoming under his leadership. What makes him great? To me his leadership is based on Jesus principals. Leader knows his every single sheep by his/her name, knows their needs, their joys, their passions , their abilities, gifts and supports and encourages in every way a shepherd can and should. I asked myself: why do we lack shepherds like this in Christian communities? in Christian churches or any type of Christian organization? Ironically this books was given to me by my Christian boss who has no idea how to be a shepherd, worse she has no desire being a shepherd in real practical world. I never could ask a question or share my opinion because this was considered challenging her authority! I could not use my gifts because it was not a step to step what she expected to happen in “her School” ? How come I dared to ask for a raise after she added more and more responsibility to my job description. She said: you serve God. All her employees walked on tippy toes just not to upset her; had to do more then being appreciated because of their lack of Biblical knowledge and trusting a Christian leader knows it all. NO and again No. The idea of reformation is loosing it’s point. Thousands of Christian have died for nothing if today’s Christians let their leaders misuse the Bible. Today I would like to call you if you are trusted a flock of employees: Act like a shepherd. Start observing your flock’s reactions around you: do they feel free or trying to hide from you; do you see a smile on their faces? Do they feel free to share their opinion? Do you even care for their opinion? Start asking yourself: do I know each of them? Do I care enough to know them and their lives? What can I do to lift them up? How to support their dreams? Write down each name and start praying and as you pray write down what God is telling you to do for them. You might not like somebody, but too bad God has brought this person to you. Go out and ask questions. Show them you care without demanding staff in return. Reward them by kind words, by nice surprises, by promotions, by raising their income. Yes words are not enough. While you are having a great house, nice cars, no worries about finances.. your employee could be struggling with basic needs. What kind of pastor does this make you?! what kind a spiritual leader does this make you? Let them thrive! Let them be happy! Let them feel they have been given possibilities! let them be appreciated!